Overcoming Fears


We all have fears and if we didn’t then we are not living, in my opinion. When we walk through our fears we feel amazing. We have accomplished something that maybe we believed we could not do.

The biggest hurdle in overcoming our fears is taking the initial step to move forward and go through those fears. Here is what I do before I have to do something that scares the crap out of me, like that first time I got on a Facebook Live or made a YouTube video. I still have those videos and look back at them to see how far I have come. It is amazing when we can break through our personal negative thinking and come out stronger. It is all about our mindset and wanting to live the life we dream about.

Here are the positive properties of these oils. I get all my information for this from the book Emotions & Essential Oils.

Arborvitae: Grace-filled • Trusting • Peaceful • Surrender

Helichrysum: Whole • Courageous • Hopeful

Cilantro: Unattached • Cleansing • Liberated

Lime: Engaged • Courageous • Determined • Grateful



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