Self-Love Oils


Self-love is so very important and I think at times some people shy away from the whole self-love/self-care thing. They see these words and roll their eyes and carry on, I get it, but let me share my thoughts on this for a moment because honestly I kinda did that for a while as well. I thought to myself “man if I see one more self-care post I am going to puke” but then I started to realize that maybe that reaction to it was because I was ignoring the fact that I was not taking care of myself and I was pushing it away! I had a long hard look at myself in the mirror in January 2018 and said: “Heather it is time to take care of YOU” and so I faced my personal fears and I got down to business. Self-care is not always easy, it can be a challenge to find the time to fit it into busy schedules but it is so very much worth your time believe me. I sit here 17 kilos lighter then I was back in January and although the process of it all was not easy, I did it and I continue to up-level my self-care as needed.

These oils have been my best friends this year. My suggestion is to add some carrier oil to the Fennel and apply on the creases of your inner arms. You can add a drop of Bergamot and a drop of Grapefruit to the palm of your hands and rub in a clockwise motion over your solar plexus (upper abdomen) then cup our hands over your nose and take 3 deep breaths this is going to help you with your self-confidence. I rub Copaiba on my shoulders and neck every day to help me relax. Rose on the bottoms of my feet and just take a moment to smell the rose, it is such a gorgeous oil.

Here are the positive properties of these oils. I get all my information for this from the book Emotions & Essential Oils.

Bergamot: Self-acceptance • Optimistic • Confident

Copaiba: Forgiven • Worthy • Redefined

Fennel: Responsible • Satiated • In Tune

Grapefruit: Body acceptance • Respect for body • Meeting physical needs

Rose: Loved • Compassionate • Healing

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