Day 5: Fire Chakra Oil • Lime

Fire Chakra Oils Mandala Essence Card: Lime Lime Mantra: Life Is Generous Lime (fruit): Awakening us to our own generosity, lime brightens our awareness in the knowledge that in the deepest recesses of spirit where our resolve is forged, we are not alone. I will be sharing all the oils that make up the FireContinue reading “Day 5: Fire Chakra Oil • Lime”

doTERRA Japan August 2017 OTG Promotions

Hi there! I hope everyone is having an amazing summer! It is super humid in Utsunomiya Japan but we are all handling it, with a bit of help from our friend Peppermint oil! August in Japan is full of PLAY…well except for all that summer homework the schools give to the kids…sigh. Otherwise, it isContinue reading “doTERRA Japan August 2017 OTG Promotions”