Mandalas are all around us

Mandala designs are all around us. We can see them in flowers, churches, they are symbols of prayer in some countries, some places have mandala art on their streets on sewer covers, you can see mandala inside fruit and vegetables. Once you become more aware of mandalas you may start noticing them all around you.

It is all coming together!

I am beyond excited to share this with you.I have been working my ass off this year at jobs that were damn challenging and time-consuming. Over the last few months, I cut back from working for others and took that time to work on what I love.Drawing Organic Mandala Designs.In two weeks I have myContinue reading “It is all coming together!”

Hinoki Mandala Sticker

Hinoki (wood/leaf): A member of the cypress family, this evergreen tree is often used in Japan for its energetic properties to comfort and soothe, allowing us to move through suffering to find strength. Hinoki is also referred to as forest bathing in Japan. This Hinoki sticker was designed by Heather Dettmann and you can now purchaseContinue reading “Hinoki Mandala Sticker”

Mandala Stickers

Beauties! I have sold out of my mandala artwork and mandala keychains this year! Thank you so much for your love & support.I do have some real beautiful stickers available for last minute gifts. Order now and I’ll slip them in the mail today! you to everyone who has liked my new Facebook pageContinue reading “Mandala Stickers”