Japan OTG November Promotion

This month OTG Japan is offering a free 5ml bottle of On Guard with an LRP order that is set between the 2nd and 15th of the month. Ginger is 10% off in November   Ginger 10% off in November 2017 Ginger is commonly known to aid digestion and that is exactly how I useContinue reading “Japan OTG November Promotion”


Grapefruit can help when having negative emotions about our bodies, obsession with food or dieting, eating issues, distorted self-image, hiding. This oil can help with curbing emotional eating, it encourages a positive relationship with one’s body based on love, tolerance, and acceptance. Drop a few drops in your shower and carry this oil with youContinue reading “Grapefruit”

Japan NFR (US) August Promotions

  When you order 125PV or more between the 1st-15th of the month from America (NFR) you will get a FREE bottle of Lime Essential oil. Lime is The Oil of Zest for Life Lime assists with these negative emotions: Apathy, grief, loss of will to live, discouragement. Limes positive properties: Courage, emotionally safe, engaged,Continue reading “Japan NFR (US) August Promotions”

doTERRA Japan • June Products Of The Month

Hey guys!! Letting you know what doTERRA is offering for the month of June. When you start up a monthly Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) and you set your order between the 1st of the month and the 15th of the month and you have 125PV (product value) points you will receive a FREE bottle ofContinue reading “doTERRA Japan • June Products Of The Month”

What’s 10% Off In April!?

When You Order From NFR (US)       This month the Breath Vapor Stick is 10% off! You can order this vapor stick from the US (NFR) site in your back office if you are in Japan. Primary Benefits Apply topically to the chest and breathe deeply to enjoy a cooling, invigorating vapor. Quick,Continue reading “What’s 10% Off In April!?”

doTERRA Back Office in Japan

Hi, everyone! I just created a new video about the doTERRA Back Office in Japan. When you enroll with me you get your own back office to order your products. At first, it can be a bit overwhelming but with some help and spending time clicking around in your office, it gets easier. In Japan,Continue reading “doTERRA Back Office in Japan”